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Black Forest Cupcakes - Black Forest Cake Festival - Baked Occasions

I have always liked the looks of black forest cake and thought it would be a fabulous dessert, if only there were not cherries included. When I was young the only cherries I ever encountered were in the form of Maraschino cherries or canned pie filling. The pie filling was tolerable, but the Maraschino cherries were something that I never enjoyed. As an adult, I have enjoyed fresh sweet cherries on many occasions and find them to be very enjoyable.

I had hopes for these cupcakes knowing that it included jam made from real cherries and had real cherries on top. Also, my children had recently requested making chocolate cupcakes so I knew I would have plenty of help eating a batch of them. I knew some of them would not include cherries however since Bear is not a fan of cherries at all. I used cherry jam when making the cupcakes, but I could not yet find fresh cherries in the store, so I used Maraschino cherries knowing that it is easy enough to remove them from the cupcakes, and knowin…

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