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Vernal Equinox - Light and Lemony Jelly Roll with Raspberry Cream Filling - BAKED Occasions

I have never made a jelly roll before, but since I watched The Great British Baking Show on Netflix it has been something I wanted to give a try. This one has flavors that I enjoy together so I gave it a try. This has such bright springy flavors that it is great for celebrating the Vernal Equinox even if it doesn't feel like spring outside yet.

I followed the recipe as closely as possible, but I used frozen raspberries instead of fresh. I was thrilled with how well the recipe came together. The instructions were easy to follow and well written. The timings listed were accurate and everything turned out so well. I was mildly disappointed with having a crack on the top of my roll, but this only happened because I don't think I put enough powdered sugar on the towel to keep the cake from sticking. I also thought that I could have used parchment paper instead of the towel and that may help prevent sticking.

The first taste of the dessert did not disappoint either. The fluffy, air…

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